Parker's Precious Pomeranians


       Thanks for checking out our Dams page!
These are the girls that are currently in our breeding program, or who we are raising with the hopes of them one day becoming mothers for us!
It is extremely important to us that our dams come from 100% free whelping lines and from good mothers, we are very choosy about the females we bring into our program.If a mother requires a C-section we spay and retire her immediately and if a mother has complications, milk production problems or is simply not a good parent, then we spay and retire her.The Pomeranian breed is known for having whelping difficulties, we feel it is our responsibility to make the best decisions possible to ensure safe, smooth, healthy deliveries for our mothers and puppies. We do this by ensuring our dams are of proper breeding size, mature breeding age and are allowed time to recover and rest between litters. We do not breed our females on every heat.
We feed all of our Poms a top quality, grain free dry kibble with supplemental food as needed during pregnancy and nursing. Mothers have a private whelping kennel that is covered to create a calm, den like atmosphere and they are given privacy and peace to tend to their newborns. Puppies are whelped in either my bedroom or in our nursery (spare bedroom) and are monitored closely for growth and health. Once the puppies are a bit older, they transition out into playpens in our living and dining rooms, where they continue to be with their mothers until they go home, weaning on their schedule. 
This beautiful merle&tan parti girl is Vivienne! She is out of a merle&tan parti dam and a black&tan tri parti male! Vivienne is 6.5lbs. She is very sweet, eager to please and easy going, not at all stubborn. She stands on her hind legs to beg when she wants something and is very affectionate! Vivienne is expecting her first ever litter, to be born in July 2017!

ALWAYS Smiling!!
Cardi, 2016
 This lovely cream sable girl is Cardi, short for "Bacardi"! She is confident, friendly to visitors and has turned out to be a wonderful mother! She prefers the company of people to that of other dogs and enjoys cuddling on the couch for tv time. Cardi is medium energy, medium build (6.25lbs). She is fairly quiet, only barking to protect her pups when she is raising a litter. She has big brown eyes and a beautiful, super soft cream sable colored coat. We are so proud to have this CH lined girl in our program and look forward to keeping back a daughter sometime in 2017!
Pedigree upon request.    
 Kya is a stunning 8lb brindled sable girl, out of a wolf sable sire and a black dam. This girl is always smiling and dancing around, she is higher energy and very confident, she's never met a stranger and is extremely sociable and outgoing! Kya has a HUGE coat and a stocky, compact dense frame, she is heavy boned and solid. After taking 2016 off, she will be retiring after her next litter, planned for Winter 2017. She has been a wonderful mother and has produced some gorgeous sable babies for us, hopefully we will get a little girl to keep back in this last litter!  

  We are so excited about this RARE lavender girl, Phoebe! This beautiful girl was a keep back from a breeding of ours, she is CH sired and now weighs about 6lbs. Phoebe is a true lavender (chocolate dilute), she also has hazel colored eyes! This girl has mostly solid colors behind her, black, chocolate, blue and white. She is very short backed/square and is medium framed. 
 This beautiful solid black, Grand-Champion Sired girl is Cheri! Although she is very petite, Cheri is a free whelping mother of large litters. She has a fantastic coat, super short legs and an extremely quiet, laid back temperament. Cheri is out of a black&white parti dam so she is parti factored. This tiny girl is very mellow and quiet, she turned out to be a wonderful mother of some of our smallest puppies. She is independent and prefers to lounge around the house to being with the other Poms. We look forward to her March 2017 litter with Riker, it will be a first time breeding for the two. Check the upcoming litters page for more info. 
Roxy June 2016
This darling orange girl is Roxy! She is from our own breeding, out of chocolate parti Molly and ice white Casanova. Roxy is so much like her mother, extremely sweet, gentle natured and submissive. Eager to please, she is actvive and loves chasing the chickens! The only girl that does, we have to watch her closely! lol Roxy has proven to be a fantastic mother, free whelper with gorgeous, heavily coated puppies with short faces. We look forward to working with her in the years to come, she is a very special girl!    


Piper, 2017
Piper is our lovely CH sired solid black girl! She is out of our own breeding, and like her mother and sisters has turned out to be a wonderful mother and a great free whelper! Piper is very well rounded, calm and sweet with people, she gets very playful with her two sisters (and litter mates!). Piper has a beautiful coat and is a nice quality girl, we hope to keep a daughter back one day soon.



This lovely solid cream girl is Charlotte! She is 6.5lbs, med-framed and out of a chocolate dam and a blue sire, she carries parti and white lines also. Charlotte is an extremely happy, bouncy and fun little girl, very outgoing and playful.
She gets along well with everyone, very kind spirited and go with the flow, we really enjoy this pretty girl. She has turned out to be an exceptional mother, gentle and nurturing and of course fiercely protective. She is people oriented and affectionate-an all around great girl!

Bonnie, Dec. 2015
This beautiful black&tan girl is Bonnie! She is out of a red sable dam and a cream sable sire, she has nice CH lines behind her on both sides of her pedigree. She has a show quality coat, high tailset and a beautiful face. Bonnie is very serious and very smart, she is gentle natured, mellow and quiet! This gorgeous girl gets along well with everyone, she has turned out to be a wonderful mother who is very attentive to her babies!
Prue is a very sweet CH sired blue! She is sister to Phoebe and Piper also! Prue is out of a blue dam and a black sire, she is a wonderful mother to blue, black, merle and blue sable puppies! This girl is very gentle natured and calm, a real sweetheart!

Harper (orange sable)
(Charlotte X Tristan) at 8 weeks, 7 mths old (in the uglies) and at 10mths old! This grand-CH sired orange to cream sable is Harper! She is a sturdy girl on track to mature at 8lbs. Very mellow and gentle natured, she had her first litter in 2016 and like her mother (Charlotte) turned out to be a wonderful mother! Very playful with her babies, she carries sable and parti. Harper has a huge coat and although our biggest girl, throws very nice quality puppies!
Juliet (blue sable)
(Annie X Casanova) at 8 weeks and 11mths old (coming out of the uglies) 
Morgan, October 2016
  Morgan is a lovely chocolate&tan girl out of our own breeding! She is charting to mature at 6lbs and carries lots and lots of chocolate! Morgan is very active and talkative, she lives to be part of the action! This girl is now out of her uglies and has turned into quite the beauty! We look forward to her first litter in late Spring/early Summer 2017!!

 Izzy at 3.5mths old! 
 These two gorgeous black&tan girls are sisters Izzy and Lizzy! They were imported from Canada from an exceptional show home, Alexandroff Pomeranians. Their sire is a stunning solid chocolate! We are enjoying getting to enjoy these girls and are excited about what the future holds for them here! We are hoping to work with them towards chocolates, &tans and merles in late 2017! 
Izzy (older sister) is very calm, quiet and gentle natured! Lizzy (younger sister) is very playful, talkative and outgoing..both are very affectionate!! 
 Lizzy at 2.5mths old! 
 Madison at 9mths old!
Madison is a lovely orange and white parti color girl, she is out of an orange dam and a black&tan tri parti male! "Maddie" is an extremely happy and active girl! Still a teenager, she is maturing nicely and will make a wonderful mother one day. She is affectionate, gentle with people and very well rounded in temperament. We look forward to working with her in our breeding program in Fall/Winter 2017! 



Meet Tris

Staying here, puppy hopeful!
Pictures coming soon!!

We are holding this precious little brindle girl,to evaluate and hopefully to keep. She will be staying here and will potentially become one of our dams one day! Tris is out of Kya X Riker.