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About us!

Thank you again for visiting our website for your interest in our Pomeranians! 

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingMy name is Tiffany Parker and in addition to being a Registered Nurse, I own and run this Pomeranian breeding program! I manage this site, take all puppy pictures, answer puppy applications/emails/text/calls and generally am the one who works closely with each family through the process of choosing, waiting for and then welcoming home their puppy. 

Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian! My stepfather owned a private kennel that offered boarding and dog training services. Training was for everything from basic obedience to training security dogs for businesses like auto lots and jewelry stores! He also ran a successful in-home dog obedience training business and I grew up tagging along on dog training appointments and spending many days out at the kennel caring for and playing with the dogs there!  Our first experience with Pomeranians came when an older female Pom was surrendered to my stepfather for training and placement...we ended up keeping her because she was wonderful! While oversized and pet quality, she was the stereotypical Pom in temperament and we adored her. My family also raised two litters of Cairn Terriers and that is when I discovered the joy (and responsibility) that comes with raising a litter of puppies. I gave my first puppy vaccine at just 9 years old! Working with animals was always part of my plans and when I decided to go into nursing, I knew that I wanted more to do with animals than just having my own pet.

As a young adult I initially intended to raise Siberian Huskies and at 18 I bought a gorgeous male who I intended to show. I soon discovered that while majestic dogs, Huskies require a very special kind of home and living where I did, there weren't many homes who would be suitable fits for my future puppies! Looking back at myself as a teenager and already thinking about the homes I want my pups to go all makes sense now why I am so very careful with my Poms! Lol.

My family has always had an affinity for the "Spitz" style dogs, double coats, curled tails and all that spirit! I ended up placing my beautiful boy out to a family with acreage and gave up my dream of raising dogs. Years later, my mom and I decided to get a Pomeranian for each of us mostly as pets and to possibly work with a local breeder for stud services and a have a litter or two a year. Yes, that is how this all began. With TWO Pomeranians LOL. These original two girls are still with us today as spayed companions. Sadly, we never did get the "right" daughters from them to continue on their lines.

Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeupWhat started as two girls soon became three. And then our first male, and then our second male. And from there things spiraled out of control. JUST KIDDING! As we started having puppies I realized that although it was all a ton of work and although at times we went through periods of sadness when things didn't go as planned, none of it felt like work. It felt then, as it does now, like a hobby. As an introvert and homebody, being a breeder fits me like a glove. I connect with people through my breeding program. My puppy clients become friends and I enjoy seeing the experience through their eyes as they expand their families through my breeding program. I've made countless breeder friends and I have invested myself in learning, improving and growing in this business. We started in Tacoma in a large home with a tiny yard. We soon outgrew that home and purchased 5 acres only 40 mins away. We traded in our big home for a tiny country home but in exchange had lots of space for our dogs. 

That breeding mentor who we sought stud services from ended up being my mentor, teaching me everything about Pom colors, how to pair dogs for the best quality puppies and mostly how to handle whelping challenges and puppies who need extra help. Between her, my online studying and good old trial and error, I have developed a set of skills and a level of confidence with being a breeder. I am still flooded with terror at each little whelping delay or off looking puppy. And I do still cry each and every time I have a loss or fail to save a puppy. That stuff I've accepted is just part of the package, part of the "circle of life". They don't call this the heartbreak breed for nothing!

Like nursing, I learn something each and every day. I learn something from each family, from each Pom parent and from each puppy. Being a breeder can be rewarding if done right and I am proud of what I've created here. It saddens me that this "profession" is filled with scammers, unscrupulous people and "bad breeders". While I cannot promise I will be the "right" breeder for everyone, I try to run my program transparently, ethically and with a respect and appreciation for every family who chooses to work with me.

 Looking forward to 2017 I have MANY goals and dreams, both for myself personally and also for my breeding program. I have many improvements I want to make to my breeding progam (as always lol) and lots to look forward to. One of the biggest things is that I am looking forward to is building a new home! One with a big, bright custom built puppy nursery :) I am committed to continually improving and getting better and better. This website alone has been a work in progress for the last 7 years!

Anyway, thanks again for visiting this site and for your interest, please reach out if you have any questions!!