Parker's Precious Pomeranians


Jan. 2014 Whisper and Sky's 6 Week Old Litter!

Thanks for checking out our most recent video! This was filmed January 24th, 2014. These five beautiful babies were born on December 14th and are one day shy of being 6 weeks old. They are still VERY young and will get much more active over the next three weeks before they go home! They are very whiny at this age, especially these guys who are spoiled and get to run around the kitchen and living/dining rooms....they say they want OUT! I may get a second video when they are a little older ;) And yes, I am aware that the title page says "7 weeks old".....just a typo that I missed! Opps!

Posted by Tiffany P. on January 24, 2014 at 11:05 PM 3130 Views