Parker's Precious Pomeranians


Whimzy and Molly's 7 Week Old Litters! 2017

This features 5 puppies from two different litters. The parti colored puppies are from Molly X Riker (both girls) and the sable colored puppies are from Whimzy X Romeo (2F,1M). They are all 7 weeks old now! Two weeks until they join their families. Keep in mind that this only shows a few minutes of their lives here with us, some pups are more or less active than "normal" just depends on the few minutes we film! Puppies have playtime in our living room several times a day, but we contain them to the kitchen for videos so that they show up better against the lighter colored floors and have a smaller area for filming. Enjoy!

Posted by Tiffany P. on February 10, 2017 at 12:36 PM 2080 Views