Parker's Precious Pomeranians



Last updated 2.22.23

***No adults available at this time***

All adults come altered, and UTD on vaccines. Fully vetted and ready to transition into their forever "retirement" homes!
We are looking for QUIET, stable homes for our retirees! Please keep in mind that adults still need time and patience while they adjust to a brand new home, new people, new expectations and a new routine. They will need to be retrained to your home, yard and routine. Kenneling at night is needed until they have fully adjusted and can be trusted in the home. This work lasts 2-4 weeks versus the 4-6mths you'd have to put in with a puppy!
Sorry, local homes only for adults.


                                When do you have adults available?

 We occasionally have a teenage or adult Pomeranian available. We may place an adult Pom when retiring them from our breeding program or when we have a young Pom that did not turn out right for our program.

Retired Poms come UTD on all vet care (vaccines, worm free, and spayed/neutered) and will be placed into loving homes who will enjoy having an adult dog who does not have to go through the puppy training stage. We will happily keep any retired Pom indefinitely if we do not find an absolutely wonderful home for them, but we have found that many people, especially the elderly, enjoy a retired Pom due to the lower cost, UTD vet care and the maturity of the dog vs. an untrained, energetic puppy that requires a lot of time and attention and veterinary expense.

Occasionally a puppy we brought in for our program (either bred by us or purchased from another breeder) does not turn out to be breeding size/quality as was expected. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but most are cosmetic (too small to breed, poor coat quality, bad bite, testicles didn't descend, face type, over the breed standard for weight, etc....) We may also just decide we are not interested in breeding for a particular color/size, so we may place a breeding quality dog on occasion. We place out young adult Poms that do not exhibit the desired temperament that we want our pups to have, young adults that are yappy, don't get along well with others or who are too high energy are altered and placed as pets.

Sometimes medical conditions present themselves (heart, liver, patella's, etc...) which make the dog unsuitable for breeding. These dogs can/do make FANTASTIC pets though and we keep them for as long as it takes to place them into homes where they will be well cared for and enjoyed.