Parker's Precious Pomeranians


                          Thanks for checking out our Dams page!
These are the girls that are currently in our breeding program, or who we are raising with the hopes of them one day becoming mothers for us!
It is extremely important to us that our dams come from 100% free whelping lines and from good mothers, we are very choosy about the females we bring into our program. If a mother requires a C-section we spay and retire her immediately and if a mother has complications, milk production problems or is simply not a good parent, then we spay and retire her.The Pomeranian breed is known for having whelping difficulties, we feel it is our responsibility to make the best decisions possible to ensure safe, smooth, healthy deliveries for our mothers and puppies. We do this by ensuring our dams are of proper breeding size, mature breeding age and are allowed time to recover and rest between litters. We do not breed our females on every heat.
All of our adults are MICROCHIPPED and UTD on vaccines. We feed all of our Poms a top quality, grain free dry kibble (Taste of the wile), along with supplemental food as needed during pregnancy and nursing.

Mothers have a private whelping kennel that is covered to create a calm, den like atmosphere and they are given privacy and peace to tend to their newborns. Puppies are whelped in either my bedroom or in our nursery (spare bedroom) and are monitored closely for growth and health. Once the puppies are a bit older, they transition out into playpens in our living or dining room, where they continue to be with their mothers until they go home, weaning naturally on their schedule. 

Parker's Bonjour Magnifique Lady Vivienne
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac and Patellas*~*

Vivienne as a puppy!

This beautiful 6 1/2lb merle&tan parti girl is Vivienne! She is out of a merle&tan parti dam and a black&tan tri parti male! She is a free whelper and is from free whelping lines. This girl has a beautiful coat, shorter face and just gorgeous coloring!

Vivienne is a very well rounded girl, medium energy, a great listener, quiet and eager to please. She is affectionate and friendly and will happily come and say hi to new people. Vivienne loves to sunbathe and chew on bones and can often be found laying close by keeping an eye on her people.

Vivienne is a good mother, attentive and gentle and when the puppies are older-very playful!   


Parker's Sweetest Rose of All Juliet
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac & Patellas*~*

Juliet as a puppy!

This pretty girl is a 6lb blue sable from our own breeding. Her parents are Casanova (white) and Annie (red sable, retired). Juliet is parti factored and carries &tan as well.

Juliet is an active, happy, social girl who is happy to meet visitors and will come right up to say high! She is assertive when it comes to other dogs and has a strong personality. With people, she is eager to please and is generally a very good listener. She enjoys basking in the sun out on the deck and barking at and chasing rabbits/squirrels AND birds in the yard. LOL

 Juliet has proven to be a great mother and a free whelper who throws very nice quality puppies that are even better quality than herself when bred to Riker. She loves to play with her puppies and is a very protective, hands on mother.


Parker's Dauntless Beauty Tris
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac & Patellas*~*

Tris as a puppy! Before her brindle coloring was visible. We thought she was black!

This stunning 8lb brindle girl is Tris! She is from our own breeding, out of Riker (black&white parti) and Kya (sable brinle, retired). She has exceptional coat quality, a short face, small ears and a great little frame.

Tris is a very active girl who is still maturing, she loves to play with the other Poms, especially dragging her BFF around by the tail! Tris is a great house dog who is submissive and eager to please with people, but very assertive and playful with the rest of her Pom family.

We have high hopes for this girl! Tris has not yet been bred, but if she's anything like her mother, she will hopefully be a free whelper and an energetic, loving mother.

We plan to work with Tris with our new up and coming merle program. 


Parker's To the Moon and Back Roxy
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac & Patellas*~*

Roxy as a puppy!

Roxy is a lovely 6.5lb light orange sable girl! She is out of our own breeding, parents are Casanova (white) and Molly (chocolate parti, retired). Roxy is parti factored and carries chocolate.

This girl is SO much like her mother in personality, super sweet and affectionate, friendly when meeting new people and on the mellow/submissive side. She gets along great with everyone and is generally very quiet. And like her father, she absolutely LOVES playing with toys- we'll hear her at night squeaking the squeaky toys just because she loves to! LOL

Roxy is a great mother, protective and "hands-on" and is a great role model for her babies, relaxed and easy going. She produces excellent quality puppies with well rounded temperaments when bred to Riker.    


Parker's Grand Duchess Anastasia
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac and Patellas*~*

Ana as a teenager!

This gorgeous 6.5lb ivory white girl is Anastasia!! She is out of white parents and came to us as a teenager. She is from very nice CH lines and is a nice girl, short high set ears, shorter face, rich pigment and a quality coat.

Ana is a high energy girl who runs like the wind! Very big, sassy personality on this girl. She loves starting a game of chase in the yard with the other Poms because she knows no one can outrun her! She also enjoys swimming and lounging in the larger outdoor
water bowl...on a daily basis......even in the winter. LOL She is social and confident when meeting new people.


Parker's Music to My Ears Harper
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac and Patellas*~*

Harper as a puppy and as a teenager!!

This grand-CH sired, 8lbs clear orange sable is Harper! She is from our own breeding and is out of Tristan (black, CH sired, retired) and Charlotte (cream, retired). Harper is parti factored and carries sable and chocolate.

This girl is our biggest female but she's also one of the sweetest!! Very well behaved, good natured and affectionate-she is a great little house dog and has turned into a wonderful mother. Social with visitors. She loves to pay chase in the yard with the other Poms and while generally quiet, does quite enjoy chasing and barking at our cat! LOL

Harper is a free whelper who has large litters, with adorable, well tempered puppies. Her partner is Riker.  


Parker's Most Wanted Bonnie the Bandit

Bonnie as a puppy!

This beautiful 8lb black&tan girl is Bonnie! She is out of a red sable dam and a cream sable sire, she has nice CH lines behind her on both sides of her pedigree. She has a show quality coat, high tailset and a beautiful face.

Bonnie is very serious and very smart, she is gentle natured, mellow and quiet! This gorgeous girl gets along well with everyone. She loves being held and cradled like a baby and enjoys sitting on the highest hill in the yard and looking out over everyone else run around and play:)

Bonnie is a free whelping mother and is currently raising her last litter before retirement. We have enjoyed this girl immensely in our program and are so happy to have her! 


Lucky Diamond Rise N Splash Bacardi
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac and Patellas*~*

This lovely 7lb cream sable girl is Cardi! She is from cream sable sire and an orange sable dam. She is also parti factored. Cardi has a beautiful face/smile, a great coat with the prettiest coloring!

Cardi is a happy, friendly mellow/mature girl! She is generally well behaved and is a great little house dog. Prefers spending her time with people vs. the other Poms, she is affectionate and quiet. Cardi can be independent too, she has a strong personality and a mind of her own and will let you know when she wants something her way. LOL

Cardi is a fantastic mother and free whelper of large litters. She has produced some of our highest quality sable and parti colored puppies. We are so lucky to have her in our program! 



Morgan at 8 weeks old (above)

This beautiful chocolate&tan girl is Morgan! She is from our own breeding and is out of a blue merle sire and a chocolate&tan dam! She is a petite girl at 5.5lbs with a petite frame, short legs, square body and a lovely coat!! She is a special girl to us and we are excited to work with her in our breeding program. She is three years old and we are planning for her first litter for 2018! Her mother produced many wonderful puppies for us and we are excited to see how Morgan does. This girl is super quiet, gets along with everyone and loves to lay flat in the grass and stalk her friends before pouncing LOL She is a joy to be around and we just know she will be a loving and attentive mother.


*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac and Patellas*~*

This stunning wolf sable girl is Nina! She is a very recent and welcome addition!! (June 2018). This girl has a gorgeous coat, thin/medium frame (6lbs). She is out of a black&white parti dam and a wolf sable sire. Nina is AW/AW wolf sable, DNA tested. She is a very happy, well socialized girl who is attentive to her people, affectionate and assure of herself. She is super quiet! We look forward to working with her on producing high quality wolf sables, sable parti's and more! Nina came to us already bred/pregnant, so we will see how she does.
We hope that she turns into a wonderful mother!


*Will be OFA certified Cardiac & Patellas when she reaches maturity*

Ivy at 2.5mths old

This precious little girl is Ivy! She is a black&tan tri parti color (tan trim is very light), she is out of a sable parti dam and a chocolate&tan tri parti sire. Ivy is charting to mature around 6lbs full grown. This girl is SO sweet and cuddly and CALM! She is 25% super active and 75% mellow and laid back, loves cuddling on the couch and being held. She gets along great with everyone and is showing a lot of promise to be a very nice adult!

If she turns out well and clears her health exams, she will join our breeding program sometime in 2019-2020! We hope to work with her on producing show quality tri parti's, merles and chocolates! Check back for news on her progress!


Will be OFA certified cardiac and patella when she reaches maturity!

We are so excited about this special little cream sable girl! Misty is out of a black parti dam and a white sire. Both of her parents carry the wolf sable gene and we are looking forward to working with Misty on a exceptional quality sable and sable parti program in the future! Misty has a gorgeous coat, shorter face and a big personality-she is very confident and affectionate. We cannot wait to see how Misty comes along!

If she clears her health exams and matures well, she will join our breeding program in 2019-2020!



Will be OFA certified cardiac and patella when she reaches maturity!

Bree at 3mths old (above)

Bree at 7 months old!

This gorgeous black&tan girl is Bree! She is out of a black&tan dam and a Beaver sire. Bree carries a lot of color, including a lot of chocolate on both sides of her pedigree. Bree is has a great coat and a beautiful face. So far, she is really mellow and eager to please, we are excited to see how she turns out and hope she is able to join our up and coming MERLE breeding program! We may also work with her to produce chocolates and chocolate&tans. Either way, we are hoping she will help us produce more healthy, well tempered, high quality puppies.

If she clears her health exams and matures well, Bree will join our breeding program in 2019-2020!


*~* Stella *~*
Will be OFA certified cardiac and patella when she reaches maturity

Stella at 8 weeks old!

Stella is a stunning chocolate mismark girl! She has an enormous coat, small ears and a square frame. She is charting to mature at 5lbs. Stella is part factored and grand CH sired, she is from our own breeding and carries lines that are very special to us! Her sire is black&white parti Riker and her dam is CH sired lavender Phoebe (retired), both parents are 5lbs.

Stella is very eager to please and affectionate, she is a confident girl with a great personality. We are excited to see how she turns out and hope she is able to join our up and coming MERLE breeding program as an adult! We may also work with her to produce chocolates and chocolate&tans. Either way, we are hoping she will help us produce more healthy, well tempered, high quality puppies.

If she clears her health exams and matures well, Stella will join our breeding program in 2020!