Parker's Precious Pomeranians


                          Thanks for checking out our Dams page!
These are the girls that are currently in our breeding program, or who we are raising with the hopes of them one day joining our breeding adults!
It is extremely important to us that our dams come from 100% free whelping lines and from good mothers, we are very choosy about the females we bring into our program. If a mother requires a C-section we spay and retire her immediately and if a mother has complications, milk production problems or is simply not a good parent, then we spay and retire her.The Pomeranian breed is known for having whelping difficulties, we feel it is our responsibility to make the best decisions possible to ensure safe, smooth, healthy deliveries for our mothers and puppies. We do this by ensuring our dams are of proper breeding size, mature breeding age and are allowed time to recover and rest between litters. We do not breed our females on every heat.
All of our adults are MICROCHIPPED and UTD on vaccines. We feed all of our Poms a top quality, grain free dry kibble (Taste of the wild), along with supplemental food as needed during pregnancy and nursing.

Mothers have a private whelping kennel that is covered to create a calm, den like atmosphere and they are given privacy and peace to tend to their newborns. Puppies are whelped in either my bedroom or in our nursery (spare bedroom) and are monitored closely for growth and health. Once the puppies are a bit older, they transition out into playpens in our living or dining room, where they continue to be with their mothers until they go home, weaning naturally on their schedule. 

Parker's Bonjour Magnifique Lady Vivienne
*~*OFA Certified-Cardiac and Patellas*~*

Vivienne as a puppy!

This beautiful 6 1/2lb merle&tan parti girl is Vivienne! She is out of a merle&tan parti dam and a black&tan tri parti male! She is a free whelper and is from free whelping lines. This girl has a beautiful coat, shorter face and just gorgeous coloring!

Vivienne is a very well rounded girl, medium energy, a great listener, quiet and eager to please. She is affectionate and friendly and will happily come and say hi to new people. Vivienne loves to sunbathe and chew on bones and can often be found laying close by keeping an eye on her people.

Vivienne is a good mother, attentive and gentle and when the puppies are older-very playful!   


Parker's In a League of her own "Ivy"
*~*OFA Certified Cardiac and Patellas*~*

Ivy at 2.5mths old

This precious little girl is Ivy! She is a black&tan tri parti color (tan trim is very light), she is out of a sable parti dam and a chocolate&tan tri parti sire. Ivy has matured at 5.8lbs. This girl is SO sweet and cuddly and CALM! She is 25% super active and 75% mellow and laid back, loves cuddling on the couch and being held. She gets along great with everyone and is showing a lot of promise!!

Ivy has proven to be a free whelper and a great mother. She produces our tiniest puppies, with most maturing in the 3-4.5lb range.



Bree at 3mths old (above)

This gorgeous black&tan girl is Bree! She is out of a black&tan dam and a Beaver sire. Bree carries a lot of color, including a lot of chocolate on both sides of her pedigree. Bree has a great coat and a beautiful face. She is really mellow, quiet and eager to please, we are excited to continue to work with her line, we have already kept back three of her daughters! (Willow, Mia and Cora!) Bree is a free whelper and a loving, gentle natured mother.


Meet Echo!

Echo at 10 weeks old

This show quality orange sable parti colored girl is Echo! We feel so lucky to call her ours! Echo has an enormous coat, extreme teddy bear face and a short, square body. She has a gentle nature and is on the mellow side, she has turned into wonderful mother and we have already kept back one daughter (Mercedes!).    


Meet Ellie!

Ellie at about 10 weeks old

This precious chocolate&white parti colored girl is Ellie! Her sire is an orange parti and her dam is a black parti. This girl matured at 7.5lbs and is medium energy with a knack for climbing! LOL. Ellie is a free whelper and an attentive mother who produces beautiful pups!


Meet Sydney!

Sydney at about 9 weeks old

Sydney is a 6.5lb black female who produces solid colors including white! Sydney is a higher energy girl, always bursting with energy and happiness, she is very active and sweet! We hope to work with Sydney to produce white and merle colored puppies in the future. 


Meet Gracie!

Gracie at about 9 weeks old

This gorgeous sable girl is Gracie! She is a 6.5lb parti factored girl with a beautiful face and coat and a great personality to match! She is fearless and socialable, she is an attention hog with a big personality! We are so happy with how Gracie has turned out, she has a gorgeous coat and a beautiful face. She has turned into a wonderful mother, we are happy to have a daughter in our program too (Bella). 


Meet Elena!

This solid black beauty is Elena! She is out of a CH mother and has some of the most well known show lines behind her. She is out of a orange sable mother and a chocolate parti father and is parti factored. Elena has matured at 7.5lbs. Elena produces gorgeous puppies, some of the nicest we've ever had! 


Meet Evelyn!

Evelyn at 10 weeks old!

Evelyn in 2022

This special chocolate&tan tri parti girl is Evelyn! She is out of a chocolate&tan tri parti sire and a blue merle dam! She carries a lot of color behind her and combined with her great personality, she has been a wonderful addition. Evelynn is very well rounded in personality, confident and playful, she is both affectionate and able to play independently. She has matured at 5.5lbs and is a free whelping mother. 


Meet Savannah!

Savannah as a puppy and at 6mths old
(in the puppy uglies!)

Savannah is a gorgeous black&tan tri parti girl! She is from our own breeding, a black&tan dam (Bonnie, now retired) and chocolate&tan Sullivan! Savannah is perfect in every way, she is very nice quality with a full coat and well rounded personality. She is right at 6lbs and has proven to be a free whelper and a great mother. We are so happy to have her in our program! We have plans for some all parti/tri parti colored litters for the future. 


Meet Willow!

Willow at about 8 weeks old!

This happy chocolate sable girl is Willow! She is from our own breeding and is out of Riker X Bree. Willow is a 7lb girl with a full coat and a mellow, eager to please personality. She carries sable, chocolate and tan trim. We look forward to working with her more in the future! 


Meet Bella!

Bella at 8 weeks old!

This precious little girl is out of Casanova (retired) x Gracie! Bella is a cream sable color, she is parti factored and carries a variety of colors behind her. Bella is a mini me of her mom in personality-she is higher energy, LOVES swimming in the kiddie pool and is super social. Bella is a free whelper like her mother and is a very playful and attentive mom. 


Meet Bridget!

Bridget is a lovely black mismark girl out of Riker X Cardi (retired). Bridget is SO much like her mother in personality-she is super calm, serious natured and eager to please. Bridget is built more like her sire though, she is short/petite framed. She is parti factored and carries a lot of color behind her. Bridget has turned into a wonderful mother with absolutely beautiful puppies! 


Meet Emma!

This gorgeous cream girl is out of Elena X Sullivan! She carries a lot of color behind her and is beautiful quality! She is charting to mature in the 6.5-7lb range. Emma is very calm and quiet, eager to please and very very sweet. We think she'll turn into a wonderful mother someday! She is grand CH sired and absolutely beautiful! 


Meet Maddy!

We are so excited about this extra special little chocolate&tan girl! She is out of Morgan (retired) and Sullivan! She is the spitting image of her long retired grandmother (Caramel) and we are so happy to have her. Maddy is sassy, sweet and very outgoing! She is currently in her puppy uglies, pictures to be updated once she matures! We look forward to working with Maddy sometime in 2023 to produce high quality chocolates! 


Meet Mia

This darling chocolate mismark girl is from our own breeding and is out of Bree X Riker! She carries parti and &tan behind her and if she turns out well will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program! We look forward to seeing her grow and hopefully getting to work with her someday!


Meet Cora!

Cora is a precious black&tan mismark! She is parti factored and carries chocolate! She is out of our own breeding and is from Bree X Riker! Pictures to be updated once she matures, we are hopeful Cora will turn out well and will get to join our program someday! 


Meet Eden!

Eden at 3mths old

This handsome little girl is Eden! She is a black&white parti girl and she is from our own breeding, her parents are Summer and Riker (grandparents Elena X Sullivan)! Eden has CH lines and lots of color behind her! This little girl has a beautiful short face, full, correct coat and confident personality! She is medium energy and a great listener! We hope she turns out well and can join our breeding program someday!


Meet Lily!

Lily at 3 mths old!

Lily is a very nice chocolate parti girl! She is from our own breeding, her parents are Summer X Riker (grandparents Elena X Sullivan!) Lily has lots of colors behind her and is from CH lines. This girl is smart and sassy! She is the higher energy of these two girls we kept back but we love her spunk! We look forward to seeing how this little one matures, we hope to work wtih her to produce vvery nice parti colors and chocolate merles someday!


Meet Paris!

Paris is a stunning blue merle parti girl, just like her mother Vivienne! She is from our own breeding, her sire is Riker! Paris has an absolutley gorgeous face/head, partial blue eyes and a very thick coat. She is a gentle natured little girl who loves to sit in our laps. She will make both an enjoyable little housedog and hopefully a great mother someday. We are excited to see how she turns out and hope she turns out well for us!


Meet Sasha!

Sasha is a lovely black&tan mismark, she is parti factored and from our own breeding-her parents are Bridgett and Sebastian! Sasha is grand CH sired and has TONS of color behind her. Sasha has a dense coat, shorter face, small ears and is very affectionate and people oriented. She isn't hyper or loud and if she matures well, we think she'll make an excellent addition to our breeding program someday! Check back to see how she turns out!