Parker's Precious Pomeranians


                         ***Pomeranian Puppy Uglies***

Pomeranian Puppies have thick, full double coats that give them what we call the "cotton ball" appearance.

During a pom puppy's first year, they lose their puppy coat and grow in their adult coat, regaining that full coat look.

During this transition, pom puppies go through what is called "Puppy Uglies". When pom puppies are in their uglies, not only do they lose their coat, but their bodies become disproportionate, they look like they have very long legs, ears that are too big, etc... Another way to describe this stage is to say they are going trough the awkward "teenage" stage. 

Pom Puppy Uglies are typically the worst between ages 4mth-10mths. By about 10mths old, the coat is filling out again and they "pull together" and look beautiful again by 12mths old.


Brindle mismark female
At 2mths, 5mths and 8mths old!


Black&white parti male
At 3mths old, 5mths old and 10mths old!


  Blue &tan Male

Romeo at 8 weeks old! Romeo at 4.5mths old! And UGLY! Romeo at 24mths old!!

   Chocolate Tri Parti Female

 Dolly at 8 weeks old!

 Dolly at 5.5mths old and UGLY!

Dolly at 9 mths old (and coming out of the uglies!) 

      Black&Tan Female

 7 weeks old!

 6mths old and UGLY!

1 year old! 
Chocolate&Tan Female
8 Weeks Old! 
Mitzi at 6mths old and in her uglies. 
 12 months old!



 Red Sable Male

Cub at 4.5 Weeks Old 

 At approx.6mths old and UGLY


 At 2 years old!


Chocolate Female

 8 Weeks Old


  5months Old and UGLY


10mths Old


Blue Merle Male

 8 Weeks Old!

7mths old! And UGLY!

 Frankie at 3 years old!


Black&Tan Parti Male

12 Weeks Old


 6mths Old and Ugly  



2 years old!