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We have placed puppies into homes in the following states! We have also placed puppies in Canada, Qatar and Austria!

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More references are available to approved families upon request! 

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            This update on Geo Gomez Jr. is long overdue, she will be 1-year-old in only 3 days! My family’s pomeranian Gomez’s passing left a hole in our hearts. I did a lot of research and made quite a few calls to breeders in the Pacific North West to find a breeder who would be transparent with me about their process and the health of their puppies before I bought one. I was relieved when I found Parker’s Precious Poms because Tiffany was the most communicative breeder I found. A text or call never went unanswered for more than a day.

            I recall Geo’s litter being in high demand, and she was taking calls at 3, 4 in the morning. Also, I was able to visit the family home where Geo was being raised after she was a few weeks old. The puppies have plenty of room to play in the home, and the dams and sires have an entire yard to play. I could tell my baby was happy and healthy during the play time I got to watch with her littermates. She especially enjoyed a little cat tube toy that we now have at home!

            In the weeks before I could take Geo home, Tiffany sent updates each week in addition to the photos and videos she posts on the website. Picking Geo up was one of the best days of my life. Tiffany made the process fun and exciting and had packed Geo a bag of new toys, bones, and accessories. When Geo got home she was already potty pad trained. She walked up to the pad and went no problem. We are really appreciative of Tiffany’s early potty pad training.

            Geo’s temperament was calm from the get go. She was easy to train and now we bring her everywhere. At 1 year, she already has a beautiful double coat. The vet says she is full grown now at 5 lbs, which is right where Tiffany predicted she would be. We plan to start her with agility training this summer and we’re really looking forward to it.

All in all, I really appreciate Tiffany and Parkers Precious Poms. My Geo is the light of my life and I will be coming back when its time to expand my pom family.



Romeo X Nimzy (retired)

worlds_happiest_pom I have been wanting a Pomeranian puppy for as long as I can remember. Always searched for one but could never find what I was looking for. One day I ended up on a website: I was instantly in love with one of the Dams, Nimzy, who was expecting. She was a beautiful red sable. I knew I wanted one of her puppies!

I was not so sure about buying a puppy from a breeder, specially online from someone that I don't even know and is across the country. I was worried because I could not go see this place, could not know what kind of environment these puppies were raised in, or if they are even as cute as their pictures (how could I know with all the fraud that we hear about?) I contacted Tiffany and she was very vey helpful. She always replied quickly and answered my many many questions and put my mind at ease.

I bought my puppy Noah the day he was born. It was the best decision I have worlds_happiest_pomever made. Everything went so smoothly. As promised I always got updates/pictures/videos of Noah while he was growing up, Tiffany even asked me what I wanted to name him before his ears opened so that she could call him by that name and get him used to it. How amazing and thoughtful is that?! 

Finally it was time for Noah to come home. No delays no date changes. I can not describe the feelings I had when I first held Noah. He was the cutest, sweetest, most adorable puppy I have ever seen. I was worried about how he would feel/act in a new environment, I was worried about his temperament, his health... I took him to a vet to get him checked and was told he is a heathy puppy. I followed the detailed instructions Tiffany had sent me and I had absolutely no problems.

worlds_happiest_pomNoah is now almost one years old. I am lucky to call him mine! He is adorable, loving, caring, protective, sweet and friendly. I take him with me wherever I can and people love him. He is so friendly (even with strangers) and loves giving kisses. He has so much energy. He is always happy. ALWAYS smiling.


I will forever be thankful to Tiffany for putting Noah in my life

 We had a wonderful surprise yesterday when we received these gorgeous flowers and cookie gift set as a thank you for one of our puppies! A huge thank you to the Ringgold's for this thoughtful and generous gift! We are so happy Pippin is doing well and that you are enjoying him! Thank you again!!

Hi Tiffany,

I hope that this email finds you well. I wanted to give you a Louie update. He is doing fantastic. He is quite the little character. One of his favorite things in the entire world is snow. We have had a few snowstorms here in Colorado since I brought him home in October and he just goes crazy. He loves to hop around in the snow and tries to catch snowflakes in his mouth when they are falling. It’s pretty hilarious to watch. 

He was fixed and microchipped this past Wednesday, which also happened to be the same day as the biggest snowstorm I have seem in quite some time. So unfortunately he had to sit this one out. He let me know about his frustration as he sat by the balcony door whining lol.   

Squeaky toys are another one of his favorites. He could just sit around for hours squeaking his toy duck. He just gets so excited – it’s pretty cute. So I have to make sure there are no toys in his crate at bedtime, or else he will find it (usually at like 3 A.M.) and just go to town on the squeaker haha.  

Him and Roxy are getting along great. They love to chase each other around the apartment and play tug-a-war with their toys. They are in constant competition as to who can get the most attention from me and our visitors.  He is my little shadow and follows me everywhere. He loves to be right next to me at all times. He is lying on the floor next to me with his little cone on his head (from getting fixed) as I am writing this. 

He is a genuinely happy and loving little guy. He looks like he always has a smile on his face and seems to be happy no matter what. The training is going well. He is one smart pup and loves to learn! He knows his name and how to sit and lay down. We are working on “stay”. He is still not completely potty trained so I definitely keep an eye on him when he is out and about. But I think he’ll have it in another week or two.

He goes to puppy day care about 1-2 times a week and seems to have the time of his life. The staff tells me that he loves to play with other little dogs and is particularly attached to a Yorkie. Which doesn’t surprise me because Roxy is a Yorkie and he loves her to pieces. He is always so exhausted when he comes home from a long day of playing.  

I have attached some pictures of him so you can see how he has grown and how his colors have changed (sorry I am not the best photographer). I have also attached his neuter certificate and his AKC registration.  Everyone who meets him thinks he is a handsome little boy. He is about 5.2 pounds now and his coat has come in just beautifully. Let me know what you think.

I must say it has been a complete joy working with you. It’s very refreshing to work with someone who truly cares about the puppies they raise, even after they go to their forever homes. I really appreciate you always being available to answer any questions or concerns, especially when I was getting Louie adjusted to his new home. It definitely made the transition much easier.

The puppy info packet you gave me was so helpful. I have been around animals my whole life, and I still learned so much from that - thank you :-). All the toys that you sent Louie home with have been a big hit in my house! I definitely was not expecting you to bring so many toys to the airport, but it was such a lovely gesture and came in very handy on our    journey home. One of Louie’s all time favorite        (Louie, in puppy uglies!)   toys is one that you gave to him. I like to say that it is a fox, but I’m not exactly sure haha.

Thank so much for everything!

Maura, Louie and Roxy

             Tristan X Gemma (retired)  "Mickey"

Update 2016!!!


     Shelly and I would like to take a minute to thank you for all you have done.  Mickey has been an amazing addition to the Ringgold Family.  He has adjusted to his new home and the Vet stated he is doing well. 

     As a retired Police Officer, I am always on edge when doing business online and site unseen.  I can honestly say this was an easy transaction from start to finish.  The constant communication on your end kept us at ease. 

     The care package was awesome.  He loves the toys. We will not have to buy much of anything as we still have so many unopened. 

     Thanks again for everything.  Shelly is already talking about another and numerous friends have inquired about your services.  We would recommend you to everyone.  See attached pic!!!!! 

We would love to be a reference for you.  Just keep us posted and we will do what we can.  Thanks again. 


                    Frankie X Cheri         "Merlin"

Update 2016!!!
Hi Tiffany!!!

Thank you for checking in!! Merlin and I are doing great!! He is sleeping through the night (hallelujah!) and now rarely barks when he is in his pen and we walk out of the room. He is eating and drinking normally, and is a very good boy about using his bathroom area- though we still watch him very closely when he is out!
I was also just called by the vet that his results are in and he is still fully clear of any parasites so no extra rounds of de-wormer or anything needed which is awesome!
He is responding to his name and has even learned to sit (and stay sitting) when I open his pen door to let him out!! I've never had a puppy, but I think he is so smart! He doesn't yet love squeaky toys but loves any toy that has a tail, so the snake and blue "weasel" (haha we aren't sure what it is) cat toys he LOVES! 

I do have to admit the first part of this week was challenging! He is a pretty willfull little puff and so we were having a LOT of play biting going on that really hurt!!! We were trying to approach it by giving a firm "no" or a yelp noise, but he would just get more riled up and bite harder! We would try to offer a toy instead by he wouldn't have any of it and would ignore the toy and lunge at hands/ feet/ clothes. We have been doing 20 second "ignoring" time outs from playing when he gets too rough and this seems to be helping, he is learning to be much more gentle! (we can't wait for him to understand that feet in socks are still feet though- ouch!) I think another thing that helped is just that he had a lot of pent up energy so we play with him in our long hallway and he gets to run it out! Doing this before his bedtime really sealed the deal on him sleeping the whole night. Any specific advice for his biting? In some of my research I read that it will really take months for puppies to outgrow that learning-by-biting trait so we are just being patient and trying to teach him gently but firmly!

In other areas he is behaving so nicely and letting me "brush" his teeth a little bit every day and also is getting more used to having a brush used on his fur. I always am worried I'm hurting him though- any advice? I guess I can't expect him to love it, lol.  All in all we love him so much and he is such a sweet pup ( and so handsome! My facebook post with him got more "likes" than any of my wedding pictures haha so he is a huge hit!) He gets to meet our parents tomorrow and they are all so excited! Also here are some fun pics of the furball! Hahaha all of these crack me up!
Thank you so much for being available, we appreciate your advice so much and are still so thrilled to have such a special pup! Hope you all are doing great in puppy central!!! :)


      Frankie X Cheri     "Llewyn"

Hey Tiffany,

Sorry for the delay in response, haven't checked my mail much lately. Little Llewyn is doing great! Loves to play with his toys, walks well on a leash in safe places, gets along great with the cats and sleeps through the night with no problems. He's such a little lover. Eating like a champ and we are starting to work on sit and stay.

All's well!

Josh and Abbi

                      Frankie X Phoebe  "Theodore" (blue)


Congratulations to NFL Player and Seattle Seahawk Ricardo Lockett and girlfriend Jamaica on this handsome Grand CH sired blue male! Thanks for choosing work with us!

                  Frankie X Baby    "Whitley" (blue merle)

Hi Tiffany! Whitley is doing fantastic! He has definitely bonded with me mostly. Very social though. He follows me everywhere, he's getting in a regular routine now. Sleeping through the night til about 6 when I get up with him. Still learning commands and his name. But very smart. 

 He is now used to getting groomed and teeth brushed (though not his favorite thing)lol. I don't really have any more questions. He's eating great, I can tell he feels more comfortable at our house now. Even him and the kitty get along. 

 He was definitely worth the wait! I love him so much and seems he loves me in return. I couldn't ask for a better, lovelier little fellow. He's so sweet and fun.
You did an amazing job with him and I thank you for that. He's definitely has filled that loss I've been caring since I lost my little chihuahua last summer. He doesn't replace him, but allows me to love him for his own little sweet personality, such a blessing in my life! 
 Thank you so very much! 

         Nikita X Casanova   "Murphy"  (cream sable)

Hi Tiffany! Murphy is doing FANTASTIC! I've spent almost every minute with her since I gt her (minus class today) and we've definitely bonded! She is incredibly friendly to people and is doing wonderfully with her #2 potty training (on cement outside my building that I sprayed with bleach and water). You definitely did a great job socializing her because she hardly barks and is great with noises! She really is just the sweetest thing! 


Hi Tiffany. Murphy has been great with her little sweatshirt! She had her rabies shot (they do it at 12 weeks here) and did WONDERFULLY at her first small puppy play group at the vet! 


 Hi Tiffany. I wanted to let you know how much Murphy was adored by my family who met her over Christmas! I hear over and over again from strangers that Murphy is the most beautiful Pom that they have ever seen and that she is so sweet! Thank you for this little one! :) 


                         Whimzy X Casanova    "Chloe"    (red sable)  


Hi Tiffany! 

I wanted to take sometime to share a Chloe update with you. I remember when I first picked her up from your house, she was the smallest little ball of fur I have ever seen and I was so happy when I brought her home and found out how easy going and well behaved she was, even at such a young age. Now that she is 6 months old, she is still well behaved, even though she has her sassy moments ( I love those too). Chloe has the best qualities I could have ever hoped for in my first dog. She is playful, yet loves to cuddle, and she is such an amazing travel buddy. In fact every time we are in the car, she falls right asleep! Chloe loves carrots, ice cubes and licking people. Many times I catch her walking around with a bit of her tongue hanging out of her closed mouth (too funny). About a month ago she learned how to sit, and I can't wait to teach her more tricks. Whenever I take Chloe somewhere with me, everyone stops me to tell me how cute she is and everyone wants to know where I got her. I always tell them Parker's Precious Pomeranians, and I just can't explain to them enough how good of dog she is, so friendly, loves meeting new people. I suppose you could say that she is in the midst of her "puppy uglies" but in no way is she ugly. In about two weeks she is schedule to be spayed, microchipped, and needs to have two teeth removed. Chloe has become my best buddy and I don't know what I would do without her.

I want to thank you so much for this sweet dog, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I have included some pictures of her and even started an Instagram account (@chloepomstagram) because I feel the need to share her cuteness with the world. Hopefully you and your family/ friends can check it out and see how much fun I have with Chloe! I have attached a few pictures because I can't pick just one! 

Thanks again,



October 2014

​Hi Tiffany, 

Hope you are doing well! I Just wanted to share a couple pictures with you for Chloe's first birthday. :) She is doing great and is very spoiled. She is very cuddly and as always, my best friend! 



          Whisper X Chips          "Ace"    (sable pibald parti)


Hi Tiffany sorry I didn't get back to u last night!!! Ace uses the pad on the holder like a veteran!!! He does his bowel movements on there and sometimes he pees on there !!! He went through the night without making a sound!!! He is quite a character !!! When he sees his reflection through glass, he does slow motion movements watching himself and not knowing what to think !! Anyway, I could go on and on but wanted to update you!! I need to figure out sending pictures so I can keep you informed that way too !!!

Thank you so much for this special gift:0)))). Shirley

Shirley returned for two more puppies later in 2014. 

June 2014

Hi Tiffany  the babies are doing great !!! They are growing really fast !!! They are so much fun!!! I love to watch them play !!! The vet and her assistants can't wait to see them and hold them !!  I still check your website several times a day and wish I was a millionaire cause I'd love one in every color lol!!

Anyway, you and your mom do a terrific job !! Thanks again!!


August 2014

Hi Tiffany , I'm glad ur pleased with their progress !! They get VIP treatment with Chris Christensen's shampoo and conditioner , pro line coat conditioner and coat dressing on their coats !!  I love my /your poms  and pics just do them any justice or maybe it's my picture taking lol!!! Have a great week !!!

Whimzy X Casanova      "Jackson" (red sable)

Hi Tiffany,
Absolutely! I will let you know if she calls me!
Jackson is doing incredible! We love him so much!!! He has so much personality! Like you said to us early on their is a little person inside of him!!! and he is beyond smart!!! Yes, his coat is getting absolutely Gorgeous!!! Still coming in!!!
I know I can't believe he is going to be "1" alrealdy next month!
Jackson sends kisses back to you too!
Hope you and all the kids are doing well too!!!
Thank you,
Karen Elliott

               Caramel X Frankie         "Mitzi"    (chocolate&tan


Congratulations to Mary and Danny of Anchorage Alaska on this gorgeous chocolate&tan girl! Thank you so much for flying in to Seattle to carry "Mitzi" home with you! 


Hi Tiffany,

We just got back from the vet. She got her second set of shots. She didn't even make a peep when she got the shot. The vet commented that she is a well socialized puppy. I told her the credit goes to her breeder. She is the best puppy I have ever had.
She has lost her first tooth. I hadn't noticed it, but the vet did. The missing tooth is from the front bottom. I can hardly believe she is old enough already.The potty training is not going too well. I am sure it is my fault for not being more diligent about it. I need to stick to a schedule and keep to it. That is a top priority on my list.
I think Mitzi is in love with Smokey. She follows him everywhere. If he ignores her, she scolds him which makes him ignore her even more. She'll figure it out in her own time. Her new nickname is Bossy.I forgot to tell you, she sits on command now. I am so proud of her! It only took about 10 minutes to get her to sit. She's very intelligent. 

I hope you are having a good Spring.



Hi, Tiffany.
It seems that every day we realize even more how special the newest addition to our family is!  Mitzi is now 15 weeks old, and is right at 3 pounds in weight.  Her personality confirms the Pomeranian standard: so  energetic, playful, intelligent, and a devoted companion.  And in Mitzi's case at least - BOSSY should be added!  She let's us know what she wants and what she isn't happy with!  Yet she is not a "yapper".  An appliance service man had to pass through our house, past Mitzi's play pen several times yesterday, and despite all the barking from the other dogs she never made a peep!  Just calmly watched the man.  We are hoping to keep her that way!
She's all over our 12 year old male pom, Smokey, who just doesn't want to be bothered.  So Mitzi has become more interested in playing with Molly, our 9 year old German Shepherd mix, who is much more energetic and playful.  We've just recently began letting them play together under very careful supervision, with concern that Molly could accidentally injure Mitzi. Mitzi likes to play tag with Molly in the back yard.  We keep Molly from getting too excited, but there is no holding Mitzi back.  She is definitely a big dog in a small package!  Mitzi is so very quick and fast!  We keep a leash on her (without holding it) as she runs around our fenced back yard so that we can catch her when it's time for her to come inside the house.  She hasn't learned to "come" yet, and enjoys giving us the challenge of catching her. As you can see in a couple of the attached photos, Mitzi tries to take Molly's dear "Pookie baby" away. We foster the notion to Molly that Mitzi is also a baby to her, and Molly seems to agree.  
That's all for now.  We hope you and all your pommies are well and having fun!


Hi, Tiffany.
Our feisty little girl has been going through the "Pomeranian Uglies" for the past couple of months, and now we can see her adult coat developing, with great promise.  She looks so very much like her mom!   But I think she may become significantly darker.  These photos are not the sharpest, but I think you'll be able to see how her coat is developing.  The days here are rapidly growing darker and cooler. Looks like she'll have her full coat in time for winter!  She now weighs 4lbs, 4oz.  Her growth rate is flattening.
Hi, Tiffany.  We hope you and all your pommies healthy and happy, and will be having tremendous fun on Christmas day.
Mitzi is approaching 10 months old now.  She is definitely past the "pommie uglies", with a full (or near full) coat and a beautifully feathery and curly tail.   I've included links to photos that show those features, plus one with her proud adoptive mother, Mary.
Mitzi is still quite spoiled and bossy, but she's a little more temperate with her maturity.  She more readily gives up her aggressive playfulness to yield to a more calm and affectionate demeanor.  She has completed Puppy Obedience and Advanced Puppy courses. and is now working through the Advanced Beginner course, which includes elements of Agility apparatus.  Mary is interested in working with Mitzi to achieve certification as a service companion.
I'm looking at a photo of Caramel right now, and it's incredible how much Mitzi looks like her mother!  The differences that we notice are that Mitzi appears to be a little darker in color and that the light patches just above her eyes appear to be a little larger than Caramel's.  Something that doesn't show up in these photos of Mitzi is that she has a very noticeable and distinctive symmetrical pattern in the fur on the top of her snout.  I'll try to get a close-up of it sometime, so you can see what it looks like and compare to Caramel and Frankie.
We wish you and your pommies a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Hi, Tiffany.  We hope you are well, and that all your puppies are healthy and happy.
You can see from the photos that Mitzi is developing wonderfully.  She's the BOSS! Although, our 10 year old German Shepherd Dog, Molly, is her surrogate mother and protector (photo with Mitzi at 4 months old).
Mitzi (trained and handled by Mary) recently earned a certificate for Canine Good Citizen (CGC).  She was one of the few in her class to pass a rather difficult series of test situations to earn this certificate. We are so proud of her!  This is a preliminary step toward becoming a certified Service Canine, which is Mary's targeted achievement for her.  We hope to share her with countless other people in need of canine companionship in short visits.
Blessings, and Best Wishes.

Daniel ("Danny") Anctil

              Frankie X Molly      "Frankie Jr."(blue merle)

Thanks to the Thibeault's of Garden City, Michigan for this gorgeous bouquet of "Thank You" flowers, you really put a smile on our faces, we're thrilled that you are enjoying your blue merle boy, thank you again! 

Hi Tiffany
So glad the flowers made you smile!!!! I sent out the contract today, sorry for the delay. All of are time and energy is focused on Frankie Jr. adjusting smoothly to his new home. Our little handsome man is doing great and loves to give tons of kisses. He has a healthy appetite and is very playful, sometimes I feel like a human chew toy ;) We will send you pictures of him every couple months and I will be keeping an eye on your website regarding future litters.
Take care,
Tiffany, Alyssa and Frankie Jr.

Update November 2013

Hi Tiffany!
    Just wanted to update you on how well Frankie Jr. is doing! We could not have asked for a better puppy, well he's not a puppy anymore. :) He loves to give tons of kisses and boy does he love to cuddle. Car rides are his absolute favorite! We just celebrated his first birthday, and Frankie got his own peanut butter cake. Which let me tell you he loved very much! We even made him wear a party hat and beads. :) He didn't like that part. I wanted to thank you again for giving us the opportunity to raise such a wonderful and handsome Pomeranian! We honestly don't know what we would do without him.
Tiffany and Alyssa Thibeault
  Gemma X Casanova  "Moru"  &   Kya X Casanova "Auyki"
Hi Tiffany!

How are you?! I know these are late, but I wanted to share some pics with you from our 1st Christmas Card with Moru! I've also sent some more recent pics of him & his gorgeous coat too!

He's doing sooo well! He's such a smart & rambunctious little boy! He's learned the names of his "ball", "bird", "frisbee"...and he brings them when you ask him "Moru, where's the _____?!" We've taught him tons of other tricks like jumping, counting (he barks 3 times after I count to three), begging, playing dead, shaking hands....etc. ! His coat is like you said it would with a bit of cream/white! He's fixed & potty-trained now! His baby teeth are now falling out like crazy! He's such a good boy when I groom him too...he even falls asleep now when I blow-dry him after his bath!

It's so interesting to see different sides of his personality. Like with me, he never bites me and acts like a little baby....he always lies down on my feet when he sees me getting ready to go out or when he wakes up in the morning and rolls over so I can rub his belly! But with Vivek, he puts on a SHOW! As soon as Viv comes home, Moru loves to show him what a big boy he is! He "pretend bites"...opens his mouth real wide and acts like he's going to bite Viv's hands but he never really bites of course! He also brings Viv all of his toys to play tug-of-war and tries to act like the alpha-male! And whenever Viv chases Moru...he always comes running to Mommy and hides by me when he needs a break! It's sooooo cute!

As I've told you before, everyone we know is in love with him...and well, he's the love of my life! He's graduated from puppy classes at Petsmart and he was even "Pet-of-the-Month" in December at the vet's office since all of the staff love whenever we visit with him!

If you ever want to use us as a reference, I would soooooo vouch for your little puppies! Also, if you ever have plans to do a repeat litter of Moru's, we may be interested in getting him a full little brother or sister! I just love his personality and would love another little one who shares the same qualities!


 Congratulations on your second precious Pom! Thanks for choosing to work with us again, thanks for giving this gorgeous red sable girl such a great home! 

Update December 2013 
Moru and Ayoki (in her uglies!) 
Hi Tiffany,
Randomly thought of you and your precious poms the other day and thought I'd send you some updated pics of Ayoki and Moru!

They're both doing great and LIVE for each other! Ayoki is still teeny tiny (under 5lbs) but is the boss of the house! She's very smart and sometimes too smart! lol! She is pretty much totally potty trained. She only ever had a handful of accidents in the house.  We enrolled her in puppy classes and each week we spend a good 5 minutes teaching her tricks at the class...since she is so smart she picks up everything quickly and the trainers run out of stuff to teach her! We are getting her spayed this weekend!

Moru is doing great as usual. He is still so well-behaved and very loyal! I'll be in the living room while Moru is in another room and I will say "BED" and he runs into his crate and stays there!

They play together a lot! Ayoki really plays like a male puppy and Moru gets a kick out of it! Ayoki loves to do whatever Moru does and follows him everywhere he goes.

I've attached some pics of the babies......we had our engagement photoshoot at the end of summer and Moru was the star of our shoot!

Hope you are doing well!


               Casanova X Kya       "Cub"

Congratulations Keirstan! "Cub" is such a handsome boy, look at that stunning coloring and all that coat! What a great name for him-he really does resemble a bear cub :)

Hey Tiffany,

Thanks for taking the time to ask about Cub, he is doing great. We love him so much and Samson (our other dog) is learning to love him too. Personally, I think that Cub is really smart cause he is a quick learner if you take the time :) but I might just be a crazy first time Pom mom. haha I can't wait to see what he looks like with his full coat, I think he's going to be really handsome.

I can't get enough! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Keep in touch,


 Cub all grown up!!!!

   "Monte" (retired) X "Caramel"     "Gizmo"
Gizmo at 8mths Old!
We're at 8 months now and I'm still waiting for the puppy uglies.
Seems like we must've missed them. He just gets poofier and poofier every day. He's been snipped & had all the extra baby teeth removed so I guess that makes him a big boy now.
No one believes me when I tell them he's just a puppy. All the
adult poms we meet have half the coat fluff that he does & everyone gets jealous. We're still growing too! He loves everyone he meets and only barks twice when he hears someone coming to the door. He's pretty much just perfect. Great temperament, no biting, no wild barking- you guys really gave him a good foundation.
He's such a little poser too. Every time he sees me trying to take pics he strikes up a pose. People always seem worried about little dogs when I walk him. We get "is he friendly" all the time. I laugh because the worst he'll do is just kiss you to death.
 People are always so surprised that he's a friendly toy dog. Apparently little dogs have a bad rap.

Thank you so much for my little killer Gizmo!!
 He's the best thing since sliced bread!

 Whisper X CH Exotic Terminator   "Rocket"


Congratulations Kalia of Wisconsin! Thank you for flying in to pick up your gorgeous little CH sired boy "Rocket", enjoy him!

  Hi Tiffany,

I can't believe how well he behaved on all three airplane rides! You really did great in socializing him. Rocket is SO smart! With Rocket being my first pet, he told me what he needed and I somehow understood! He is sleeping restfully now after playing with him this morning and the long flight! He is such a sweetheart and so adorable! I just love how he spins round and round, how he moves his head to the side when I am talking to him, and every single cute thing he does when he's playing with the toys with me! 

 He learns very quickly. When he wants my attention he just barks and pounces at me! So cute! He also laid on my chest to go sleep during a waiting for departure. I got so many compliments on how well behaved he is and of course on how cute he is! I have you and your mom to thank for that! He was pulling so many attention! From all kinds of ages! :) He is very well behaved and I'm already in love with him! I adore him so much! I love his little cute kisses and his whines. He does know what he wants and how to tell me! I know I'm going to absolutely enjoy having him. I already do! I can't thank you or your mom enough for what you've given me! He really is special and precious! I'm going teary eyed already thinking of how much I love him! Thank you so much!

   Frankie X Sabrina (retired)      "Athena"

Now that I have finally uploaded pictures on my computer, I figured it was due time to send you an update email on Athena!
Let me start by saying she is the most amazing little thing I have ever seen. It would be callous of me not to mention the doubt I was feeling on the ride home. Absolutely nothing can really prepare you for the moment you bring the first puppy home. No book, or as much of any second hand experience with a dog, whether a pomeranian or not, can really prepare you for this experience. All doubt faded as soon as the grey furball jumped out of her bag and straight into my lap.
     Surprising to me and most of family, was how well she was mannered. She came practically paper
trained with only an accident here and there, which considering the alternative, I will take any day! She takes her daily coat brushing and tooth brushing like champ, savoring the tooth brush (I think its her favorite part of the day, most likely due to her chew habit and the taste of the peanut butter flavored toothpaste). She has also had a few baths which also all went smoothly with no complaints out of her! The only time she vocalizes, is to pout when I am leaving and to her kitty friend (I will get to that later!).
She was the best behaved dog at the vet on her first visit. Not a peep out of her during her shots or even when the hoards of lovely old ladies would snatch her away! She also has learned the sit and the down command. It was especially tricky at first, because unlike most dogs, she hates almost all dog treats! A little bit of my greek yogurt does the trick and will have her rotating between the two when she catches a whiff. She seems to love all types of toys, but nothing compares to cat toys. Whether it is a long stick with a feather on the end, or a squishy mouse, she is running across the room with it back into her layer (her travel bag in the picture!).
She also stole the heart of both of my not so dog friendly parents. They wouldn't admit that she is the cutest little thing on four legs, but all of the play and lap-time they spend with her, tells otherwise. The only ones complaining about the little one, are the other furry things in the house. Our cats counted down the days until I left for school taking her with me! She rode in the car like a pro, napping the entire 5 hour drive.

     She also adjusted to the new environment incredibly well and her relationship with my roommates/best friends new kitten has been an interesting one. At first the kitten bullied her, chasing her around causing her to hide at every siting. The funny thing is, she would chase our fat cats around the house but she was scared of a little kitten! After a few days, her fear turned into to fun and they have been attached at the hip ever since! They wrestle together and she LOVES barking at her during their playtime. She has even started playing like a cat The only thing she doesn't seem to understand is why she cant jump up to high places like the kitten! The apartment is pretty tiny so the fact that they both have each-other to keep busy and occupied is a blessing!

    The one thing I am probably most amazed at is her personality. She is incredibly loyal, but also the most calm and inviting dog I have ever met! When I think of a dog, she is not what comes to mind. Guests are always smitten with her cute face and chill disposition. She also is not afraid to hop into a strangers lap and arms! When my roommates brag about her quiet nature and sweet personality, others always seem surprised due to the yappy generalizations people seem to have on pomeranians.

    Athena has truly enriched my life. She knows when a person is sad and will immediately plop her bun in their lap to comfort them or just to snuggle with me while I am studying. I am so incredibly grateful that you allowed to me own one of your amazing pomeranians, because everything from her beautiful lush coat to her smashing personality all leads back to an amazing breeding program and breeder!
Because of this, I would at the drop of a hat become a reference for you! I am truly anticipating the hopefully long, and amazing years I have yet to spend with her!
I cannot thank you enough!
Skye Miles
I have absolutely no problem putting it up there. In fact I encourage it especially if it helps people see how great and amazing your poms are! Athena just got her last parvo shot so soon we can start outdoor training.. This will be interesting! She is still 2.1 lbs so I'm curious to see how big she is going to get! I also thought I would include a clip of Athena and her kitty friend playing for your viewing pleasure. They are the funniest little things.



Congratulations to the Hermann's on this handsome red sable boy! You guys waited quite a while for little "Trey", we're so glad that this boy was a great match for you! We're so happy that this boy get's to call your home his own, thank you so much! 

UPDATE: 2/10/13

Hi Tiffany, Thought

I'd send the pics we took of Trey the day he arrived and one of us today. He is such a wonderful little guy. He is the talk of our gated community. He has really taken to walking on his harness and leash. BUT, we have to take alot of stops as people and their pets just fall in love with him. He is doing so good with commands. Potty training is slow tho.

He has learned to fetch his thrown toys and bring them back to me and drop them. He sleeps all night and is eating well. He hasn't drug out to many of Hermans socks off the bedroom floor. He does like to talk back to us tho when he is told not to chew on anything other than his toys. Still thinks he can get us to believe he is the boss. That aint gonna happen!!!!

Well thats about it. He has a appointment 2/15 with Dr peggy for his shots. Then we will be taking the motorhome on a trip to Arizona for about a month. Will let you know how he fairs on the trip.

As always Herman and I want to thankyou for this blessed puppy and the way you breed and care for all of them.

Hugs and best wishes, Nancy


"Sophie" before going to her new home! (Charting 3.5-4lbs)


Congratulations to Debbie and family of Idaho on this stunning blue merle girl! Thank you so much for giving this beauty such a wonderful home, we're so happy she is doing well!

Email Update March 2013

Hi Tiffany,

I can’t begin to tell you how much joy this little girl has brought into our lives. The photos don’t do her justice. She’s a fuzzy little fluff ball with the sweetest black and brown freckles. Though she’s still so tiny, she’s gained a pound and now weighs 2 ½ pounds.

She’s always so joyful and dances like a little marionette when she sees us. Even if we’ve been gone for only an hour, she does her little dance, bouncing back and forth. It’s amazing how something so small can jump so high!

She’s made good friends with our huge Manx cat, Georgie. Though he’s a very large cat but he instinctively knows she’s very small and is so tolerant of her playfulness. He’ll lay on the floor and let Sophie climb all over him.

She sleeps through the night now and has her bed next to mine.

She loves going with us on car rides. We hang her carrier over the headrest and then connect the seat belt through the handles. Her carrier has a safety strap connected to her harness so she can’t jump out.

She’s so unique and draws a crowd everywhere we go! First comment is always, “That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”, followed by, “What is it?”. They’re not asking what breed of dog, they want to know what kind of animal. No one has ever seen anything like her. Of course, they want to hold her. I’m always obliged to hand her over and they’re so impressed by her sweet disposition and manners.

At home she’s a feisty little girl and oh so very bright. Her loving temperament makes it very hard to not spoil her. I must admit it’s difficult for me to avoid doing just that. But I’m learning quick that as smart as she is I have to be equally firm. She likes to tease and tries to turn everything into a game. It’s quite obvious she was taught many commands before she arrived. Tiffany, you did well with her.

Sophie knows she’s loved…… She and I get up very early every morning to have our breakfast and then fall back to sleep before getting ready to go to work. I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy more than getting down on the floor and playing with Sophie. Except, perhaps, having her fall asleep on my lap. Sophie has brought a comfortable peace to my life. I embrace the thought that she and I will grow old together.

My Mom will be meeting Sophie for the first time here in a few days. I know she’s going to fall head over heels in love with my little puppy.

Thank you, Tiffany, for bringing this little girl into our home. We love her dearly and can’t imagine life without her.




"The Babies" with their toy box!!!! What lucky puppies!

  Congratulations to the Dale's of Tacoma, WA on these TWO gorgeous puppies! Kaci (cream sable) is such an energetic and outgoing girl, she complements Parker's (Blue Merle Parti) sweet laid back personality. We know taking on the challenge (and joy!) of raising two puppies together is not for everyone, but if anyone can do it, I trust that you can! We couldn't be happier that these puppies will get to call your home their own, thank you for everything!

UPDATE: February 2013


Just wanted to let you know that the pups are doing fantastic. I just love these little guys. They are happy, playful, cuddley, smart animals.You have done a phenomenal job raising these poms.

They have been to the vet, and "everyone" went wild over them. The vet staff remarked on how beautiful their coloring was.Kaci and Parker were the hit of the entire office. I did hand out your card and highly recommended you!

Kaci and Parker spend their glory days eating, drinking, sleeping and lots of playing, they know where their potty pad is and use it frequently. They enjoy playing tug of war with eachother, and have taken over the cat's toys, lol! Their favorite game is playing keep away with a tiny soft ball. They also will play fetch with the ball. Pretty amazing!

Thanks for everything!




 May 2013

Congratulations to Wanda on this gorgeous solid chocolate boy! We know he will make a fantastic addition to your small breeding program! Thank you so much! 


Congratulations to the Roach family of Omak, WA on this stunning red sable girl. We know that "Maggie" is in great hands, thank you so much!

Hi Tiffany,here are a few pictures of the terrorist, ha ha Maggie is doing real well, just had second vet visit, she was 2 1/4 lbs at her appt, on the 15th. received her 7 way shot, all is well.
   I must say, not bragging mind you, that She is sleeping all night now, has had no accidents in the house for weeks, has taught us really well , what ,"I GOT TO GO" means.She Is actually enjoying being brushed. Like i said, not bragging, but she also has learned to sit, wait , go get the ball, bring it here and drop it. then sit, , give me 5 with her right paw, and "Now the other one" with her left. at which point she had better receive the cookie or you can expect to get attacked, ha ha
  Tiffany, Diana and i both need to comment on how well adjusted this dog was , from the onset. which speaks very highly of your work and efforts.
She is very attentive , wants to please. and goes nuts for children. We look forward, I think, to the times when we can take her to the park,and for walks. She's already a hit here in Omak, at the local feed store, and the post office where , if we don;t bring her the postman is bummed.
 Di and i would both like to thank you for choosing us. Maggie is such a pleasure .


Congratulations to Maria and Isaac on this darling cream girl! "Luna" is such a sweet little girl and she looks so much like her sire, Casanova, did at that age! We know she is in really great hands and that you guys will adore her as much as we did! Thank you so much!

Greetings from the Buley Family!
Luna has been here since Wednesday & has adjusted to Isaac & I very well! She has been getting up around 5am with Isaac's alarm for work & is ready to eat & play. She stays up till 8-8:30am & is then ready for her first nap. Immediately after each time she wakes up Luna is put on her potty pad. Potty training her has not been difficult. As each day passes she is getting better & better going to the bathroom on her potty mat all by herself at times.
Isaac & I are very, very happy to have her in our lives! She fits our personalities & temperaments perfectly. She's very affectionate, loves to play & tries to be aggressive. It's really funny! We are fans of watching The Dog Whisperer & are current subscribers to his magazine & know what it means to be the "pact leader". We don't let Luna get away with her whining (which has lessoned every day). We never forget to praise her as well when she has done something good.
Luna has been a fluffy bundle of joy! We love her so very much! She follows us like white on rice hahaha & has become comfortable in our home. She loves cuddles & her daily brushing in the evening when she's laying down.
Isaac & I received a phone call from the vet early this evening & her stool sample results were negative for any parasites, everything was normal. We take Luna back to the vet in two weeks for her next set of shots. The doctor did not give her any shots this time around because of her small size & the fact that she did receive shots the previous weekend with you.
Thank you, Tiffany & your mother, we have a healthy & loving puppy, a wonderful little blessing to our family!
-Isaac & Maria
UPDATE on Luna April 2013!!!!
UPDATE April 4th, 2013!!!!
Hello Tiffany!
Just wanted to give you an update today on Luna's 1st birthday today
Luna is wonderful! She's up to date on all her shots & was spayed & microchipped in October & recovered surprisingly fast. We take her back to the vet in May for her next check-up. Isaac & I really love Dr. Nemeth & the staff at NW Animal Hospital, they are terrific! Luna is treated like a rock star when she visits & loves being the center of attention.
We enjoy taking Luna to the park for walks on the trails. She does very well around other people but is a little nervous around dogs. We plan on socializing her with other dogs now that she is a little bigger.  With no doubt, Luna's favorite thing to do is play fetch! She gets impatient if we take too long to throw her toy or ball, so we make her sit & wait.
Isaac & I absolutely love her! She has the funniest personality & is so feisty & full of energy from the moment she wakes up till the moment she goes to bed at night. Luna is almost childlike & for some reason loves to wake up really early on Saturday mornings. She follows Maria wherever she goes & whimpers when she's not around. She enjoys dressing up in her sweaters when it's cold & never hesitates to go for a ride in the car. We bought her a car seat a while back so she can be safe & comfortable while we travel & she could easily see outside. I would recommend the car seat as well if one has had trouble with their pet having car sickness. Ever since we purchased one, Luna has not gotten sick.
All in all, Luna is our little fluff ball of joy & has brought so much love to our family! Everyone loves her wherever we go & always compliments on her behavior, cuteness & color!
Thank you once again!
Hope you're doing well,

Isaac & Maria 


March 2012! 

Congrats Topale family of Sharon Massachusetts on these GORGEOUS boys! "Dallas" (chocolate & tan) and "Denver"(black & tan) are so lucky call your family their own! We are so excited for you guys to finally have your boys home with you, we will miss them here for sure. Enjoy them!

 Dallas (left) and Denver (right) a 1 year old! (JANUARY 2013)

HELLO!!! Denver and Dallas are doing amazing!! Yes, they are eating well and getting along well. They are good - soooo cute!  They pounce around.  They go to nip and we say no and easy tap their nose and they look at us and stop -- good listeners!

The girls love them - Dallas and Denver are getting plenty of attention! They are so socially ready!!! you did a great job!!!  Yes, got puppy pack today!  Can’t believe all the goodies you sent! Soooooooooooooooo wonderful!!!!!  Dallas and Denver loved those hard bone things... yes lots of good info!

They seem happy – lots of doggy kisses and tail waggings so they seem good. Yes, you can give out my email address – most definitely!!!!  All the greatest to say!

They look for each other when outside. Naomi taught them how to sit and they pretty much do it on command with a treat now.... so she practices that a few times a day with them.  She is very patient :)

They are funny to watch – they love the toys you sent – we didn’t show them everything yet of course – they love to play tug-a-ware with the rope/blue circle thing you sent.  And Joe got these little angry bird things that they love too. Dallas and Denver look so cute when they are walking together as they will walk so close and their colors look soooo good together.  We love to watch their tails with the white stripe going up... Denver’s tail is always wagging – Dallas more the body not the tail.

 It got cold today so we went to put on their sweat jackets (just for fun) and they were too big!  wow – got XS , and they looked so cute in them.  So... off they came and we’ll try again when a little bigger.  They are more patient as we put on the harness/leash now – takes a few seconds to do all that.

They seem happy and we give them lots of love!!

Take care and more updates later on,




Congratulations to Julie and Kent of Wicket, Texas on this gorgeous girl! Thank you so much for flying up from Texas to pick up your new baby in person, little Dolly is so lucky to have gone home with you, thank you for everything! 

UPDATE: April 2013!

Hi Tiffany!
I've been meaning to write and send you an update on our little Dolly.  She is wonderful and we are so happy to have her.  I'm attaching a couple of photos that were taken at about 12 weeks.  She is still small, but growing.  The last time she was weighed at her 12 week check-up, she weighed 2 lb. 8 oz., which still is charting to be about 4 lbs.  She is very smart and house training is almost done - just a rare accident, but that's usually my own fault.  Everyone at work loves Dolly, and thinks she's precious, and full of personality.  Through the day, she doesn't want me to be out of her sight, but in the evening she is Kent's lap buddy, and ignores me. Funny, but I'm glad she has taken up with both of us. Dolly is also a good traveler, she went to San Antonio with us a couple of weeks ago, and did so well.
We are so happy with our puppy!
Thanks so much!
Julie & Kent
P.S.  Now Dolly is starting to lose some of her coat and is starting the scraggly stage, so I'll send you another picture once her full coat comes in. LOL!



 Congratulations to Julie on this incredible Brindle girl!!! We are so proud of "Jade" and are so excited this beautiful girl is getting such a wonderful home! Thank you so much!  

I wanted to give you a progress report :) Jade did wonderful on the drive home. She is lovely! Loves the kids and puggle :)  I SOOOOOOOO LOOOOOVEEE HEr!!!!! Thank you again for picking US,




 Congratulations on this STUNNING CH sired girl! I just know that you are both going to adore "Lexi", she is really something!

Hi Tiffany, 

Lexi is doing sooooo well. She has just taken to all of us and is a real joy to have. I have a video I want to put on utube of her playing with our pet chicken at the family bbq, crazy cute! She is a character! Her potty training is going great. I take her with me to work and everywhere, she even hung out at Michael's store for a while yesterday and was so good. We love her and will take really good care of her. Thank you for raising such a wonderful precious puppy!!




Congratulations Mathew and Linda on this STUNNING Tri-Parti girl! "Luna" is such a clever name because of her cresent shaped blaze. This beautiful girl was so much fun to have around the house, we are so excited for you be able to enjoy this special girl!


Congratulations to Mathew and Linda on their SECOND Precious Pom! We're thrilled Luna will have a little "brother" to play with and grown up with, thank you so much for choosing another one of our puppies!



Congratulations to Nile and family on this gorgeous wolf sable girl! We really enjoyed raising "Storm", we know she is going to bring so much joy to your home and family, enjoy her! 

Hey Tiffany,

Sorry I didn't write earlier, I was having some computer problems...and I knew this email would be long and i didnt think i could do it all from my phone! hahahaa

So, Storm is doing GREAT!!! Im glad you liked the video and the photos. I take so many photos of this dog its ridiculous! haha

She is sleeping through the night. Last night was her 2nd night sleeping through from about 9pm until my husband goes to work at 5am. He takes her out to the front yard and hangs out with her for a while and then leaves. She barks for a couple min and then goes back to sleep until our daughter and I wake up about 8am.

We are so pleased with her potty training. We were trying newspapers and potty pads and it was a disaster! She was always missing them and going on our carpet and floor. Since we started taking her outside to the front yard about 3 days ago, she hasnt gone in the house at all! She goes right outside, goes potty, plays for a couple min and then we come back inside. She has been really great about it. She doesnt even go through the night! We love her so much and she is such a great addition to the family. Yes her poops are good. like little logs. She is teething like crazy though! biting everything she can get her little paws on. but we have been really good on telling her NO BITING. and she doesnt nibble on us. She also listens very well when we tell her to be quiet. She is doing big things =) Very playful and such a love bug! I spend all day with her and we have good times.

The question I was going to ask you was about potty training, but it seems to be working out well....another one I have for you....Is it ok to be using her "play pen" as her sleeping area for night time? we have not been putting her in a tiny crate at night. She has full run of the downstairs of our house after she goes out potty, and while one of us is hanging out with her, but she goes in her crate when we are upstairs for any reason, when we eat meals, leave the house, and at night. Are we doing that right?

We thank you and your mother for raising such a healthy and loving puppy. =)




Congratulations Keto Family! I know that "Biscuit" will absolutely love having kids to play with. Enjoy him!

(UPDATE March 2012!!!!)

Hi Tiffany,
Latest update:
Biscuit is housetrained. Yay! It just finally clicked one day and he's never looked back.
He's doing so well. We completed the advanced training at PetSmart, and Biscuit passed his Canine Good Citizen test. He is very smart and has been fun to train. I've spent many hours training him (hundreds!) but I feel the rewards outweigh the effort, as I can always rely on his good behavior and anticipate what he needs. We've grown very close because of the training and in a way, he is my little white shadow.
I groom him frequently and his coat is GORGEOUS. He lets me clean his ears without fussing, every week. I also bathe and brush him weekly. I trim him by scissors as he doesn't like clippers. We are working on tooth brushing and really it is the only time he fusses with me. He smells so good, and as a result he is held a lot.
Part of his excellent disposition is that he gets to run off-leash every morning with me at a very large local park. He socializes very well with other dogs, is friendly, and seems to know when to stay away and when to play. He's streetwise with other dogs and keeps out of trouble, but plays with other dogs his size. Since we go at the same time each morning and see the same dogs, the "pack" has been established and he understands the pecking order. They have a lot of fun together, although they are all different breeds and personalities. 
Humans love Biscuit and his friendly affectionate personality. He is confident with new people. I think there might be more people in my town that know Biscuit's name than my own!
I think he's around 6 or 7 pounds. I haven't weighted him but his fur makes him look bigger, of course. His coat is really amazing and so thick. It's cream with buff colored areas. 




 "Finn at 8 weeks old" (Kya X Casanova) 

Congrats to the Williams Family of Pillsboro, Indiana on this stunning cream sable boy! I'm sure you guys are going to have so much fun raising this gorgeous puppy, enjoy him!


Tiffany, Oh my gosh, we loveee her!!! She eats and drinks and plays like she's been here for years! Her appt went great as well! Right now she is inside her toy box playing. I've taken so many pictures so far she's probably sick of me lol, she's the happiest puppy I've ever seen! Thank you!



Congratulations to the Mosteller Family of Colville, WA on the tiny red sable girl! Molly is so lucky to call your family her own, enjoy her!

We want to thank you for raising such well behaved precious poms. They really are top quality loving pets. Our Molly is so smart she is shown a couple of times and she has it, potty training, bringing back her ball, sleeps wonderfully at night, eats great and loves us. she is wonderfull...Thanks Parker family!


Congratulations on your second Precious Poms Puppy! We were so excited to have you return for a full sister to your Molly, Thank you so much! 


Congratulations Melissa and family on this darling cream boy!


Mochi at a year old!

Hi Tiffany,
Mochi is doing great! He got some new toys for his birthday. His creamier shading started coming in late last year. He is now "fixed" and potty trained. He took to potty training really well and learned really fast. In contrast, my sister's dog still has trouble sometimes while Mochi goes most nights without accidents. He loves to play and is active. He also loves to sleep under the covers. He is brushed daily (he needs it with such a huge coat). He really likes to follow my mom everywhere. We have been using angel eyes occasionally, mostly when the tear staining gets pretty bad but mostly we just leave it. He likes a lot of different toys such as rings that my other dog never took to. He also like to play with balls and he especially loves toys that squeek. He does this thing where he loves to carry certain toys that he is currently obsessed with everywhere and he carries toys in his mouth and just squeeks them, just to hear the sound. My other dog never did this and we find it adorable. We've stopped giving Mochi toys with stuffing because he likes to tear them apart and we are afraid that he will eat the stuffing, so until he is a bit older, he is not getting stuffed toys. He is the sweetest dog anyone could ever ask for, he is loving and adorable. He is happy to play or to sit with you while you watch tv. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures and I cannot wait to see the pictures of Mochi's soon to be siblings. Let me know whenever you would like new pictures, I love to share pictures of Mochi.

Have a great day!
Melissa Wong



Congrats Cahill family of Napa, California on "Stella"! Thank you so much for flying up to meet us and carry your gorgeous black and tan baby home on the plane with you, I bet you and four daughters are going to adore her! Thank you so much!

Tiffany, Stella went for her 12 week vaccinations. She is the best puppy ever! If you ever need a reference you can use us. Honestly she has exceeded our expectations. What a wonderful gift you've given our family. Thank you so much.

Love, the Cahill-Titus Family


These beautiful parti girls are Scarlett & Sabrina! We are

keeping them back to add to our program. They are out of

Whisper X Monte (DOB 1-16-12). We look forward to

seeing how these stunning parti girls turn out!


Congrats Tina and Robert of Portland, OR on your new puppy "Bullet!" He is one handsome little boy! January 2011.

*UPDATE* Tina and Robert returned for their second Parker's Precious Poms' Puppy!


Congrats on "Raider"! We are so happy he gets to go home with you and his older brother "Bullet! Thanks again! July 2011




Bella Blue (left) and Cashmere (right)! 

Congratulations Sotiropoulos Family of Harvard Massachusetts, on your TWO new additions! These GORGEOUS CH sired litter mates are so lucky to be able to share your family, thank you guys so much!