Parker's Precious Pomeranians


Thanks for checking out our Sire's page!

This page shows ALL of our males, both our adult breeding males and our up and coming stud hopefuls. Our boys are all DNA profiled with the American Kennel Club and are all UTD on vaccines and are microchipped. They wear belly bands in the house (male diapers) because as intact males living with intact just can't fight instinct to mark sometimes! Neutered pet only males do not have this issue, just fyi :) 

All of our males have been raised by us since puppyhood and are groomed by us as well. Our boys are extra important to us because they contribute half the genes for all our pups and produce more puppies than any female will produce-so we are extra particular about their health, temperament and quality.


Parker's Warden of the Island Riker
*~*OFA Certified Cardiac and Patellas*~*

Riker is our "main man" so to speak! We have retired our older males or males who didn't turn out and he has stepped in beautifully as the daddy to many of our puppies. Riker is 5.5lbs and is out of a black&tan sire and a blue merle parti dam. Riker carries sable, &tan, chocolate and more! Riker has tremendous coat, small ears, a short face and a fantastic temperament! He has blessed us with many quality puppies.

He is medium energy, and is quiet and mature. Riker has thrown a rainbow of colors in his pups and improves the quality produced with every female he is bred to.

We feel so very lucky to have him in our program and hope to keep back a son of his in the near future.  


Parker's Lucky in Love Sullivan
*~*OFA Certified Cardiac and Patellas*~*

Sullivan at 10 weeks old!

We are thrilled to have the chance to work with such an exceptional little boy, this chocolate&tan is Sullivan!

Sullivan or "Sully" for short, is out of a merle parti dam and a chocolate&tan sire! He is parti factored and carries a variety of colors. He is now just over 4lbs, with a very petite frame and gorgeous full coat! Sullivan turned out wonderfully and has produced some stunning babies for us! He is very eager to please and easy going with medium energy. We are proud to have this beautiful little boy in our program and have already kept two daughters to raise and work with as well (Summer and Savannah).


Meet Sebastian!

Sebastian in his puppy uglies but coming along beautifully!

This stunning 7.75lb CH sired merle&tan parti factored male is Sebastian! He is out of a black&tan sire and a merle parti dam. Sebastian is a super happy, active little boy who gets along with everyone. Our largest male, Sebastian produces a variety of colors and sizes of pups and he tends to have very heavily coated babies! 


Meet Dash!

This handsome solid cream male is Dash! He is from our own breeding and he is SO sweet and gentle natured, he is very submissive and eager to please. Dash is 7.5lbs and has a gorgeous cream coat and a beautiful face. Dash has taken over his dad's place in our program and is producing lovely puppies with very well rounded personalities. He produces a variety of sizes.


Meet Hunter!

Hunter is a handsome chocoalte parti male! He carries a lot of color behind him and is a tiny guy at 4.6lbs full grown. Hunter is very eager to please, medium energy and is on the submissive side. Hunter has a short muzzle, a square frame/body and beautiful coat coming in. He will continue to fill out as he matures, he is still quite young. We look forward to working with this boy and to seeing what kind of puppies he produces!


Meet Dante!

Dante at 7mths old and starting to come out of the uglies!

This handsome merle&tan parti boy is Dante! He is a new addition to our program and we are so excited to have our first merle parti stud male! We are hopeful that he will turn out well and bless us with high quality puppies someday. Dante is charting to mature between 4-5lbs, he is petite with a full, correct coat, a shorter muzzle and a really easy going affectionate personality. Check back to see how Dante turns out!